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Water Scarcity in Village 7 & 8 of Zone 4 Bidibidi Refugee Settlement.

Dernière mise à jour : 19 août 2023

Water Scarcity: The Challenges Faced by Refugees in Village 7 and 8 of Zone 4 in Bid Bidi Refugee Settlement The Bid Bidi refugee settlement in Uganda is home to thousands of refugees from various parts of the world. However, in the past month, the residents of Village 7 and 8 in Zone 4 have been facing a significant water crisis. The primary water source in the area has been out of commission, forcing the refugees to look for water in neighboring villages of 6 and 9, crossing into the neighboring Zone 5 of Yangani, and sometimes going as far as the neighboring Imvepi refugee settlement. The situation has been challenging for the refugees, especially women and children, who have to walk long distances to access water. The water they collect is often unsafe for drinking, and this poses a significant health risk to the community. The refugees have had to rely on running rainwater, which is often contaminated, and this has led to an increase in disease outbreak

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